Our powered blinds are the ideal accessory to make your pergola a soothing space, regardless of the season. They offer excellent protection against the sun, rainfalls, wind and insects.


Multiple types of fabrics are available, with an array of colour tints. Also, our patented Palagina mechanism will ensure a perfect tightness at all times and a strong wind resistance, while avoiding disgraceful creases.


  • 4 year warranty for winds up to 100KM/H

The dimmable LEDs will allow you to change the intensity of the brightness in your pergola with the help of a remote control.


You will be able to enjoy a powerful lighting, or create a softer atmosphere for the evening.


  • 3 year warranty

Harmonize your pergola with the colours of your garden and home. A large colour palette and textured finishes are available upon resquest.


This wide coating selection of achitectural quality will allow you to dress up the outside of your home with a unique design.


  • 10 year warranty (according to American AAMA 2604 standards)

The hand-sliding screen doors are ideal to protect you from insects, while keeping an easy access to your pergola.


You can also combine a screen door and blinds on the same side of your pergola to maintain a quick access. All of that while you protect yourself from the sun, rain and wind.


  • Italian design and manufactured by Solicanada
  • 2 year warranty
  • Control through the smartphone app
  • Integrated speakers
  • Elegant and fits with the Pergola
  • Instant pleasant heat
  • Easy to use
  • Designed to withstand Canadian winters
  • 2 year warranty

Our aluminium planters are the perfect solution for condo and penthouse owners. The planters weigh down the structure and ensure the durability of your pergola, without compromising your building’s sealings. Custom-made, they will seamlessly fit the design of your patio and will set a natural feel.


  • Standard or custom colours

  • Made with the same material as your pergola, this assures durability